Camping L'Escargot

Principal policies of Camping L'Escargot

Reception: All the visitors or campers must be registered and pay the fees at their arrival before crossing the barrier.
Visitors must leave their vehicle at the parking lot.
Climatisation: When in use, your windows and doors must be closed. In case of prolonged absence, do not let it work.

Trees: It is prohibited to damage the trees in anyway.
Insurance: All campers must have a public liability insurance.
Noise: Any exaggerated noise will not be tolerated.
Dog: Only one dog is allowed by site. Your dog must be at leach in any time. The owner of the dog must collect the excrements. The dogs with the aggressive character and certain race are not allowed. Visitors must leave their animal to the house. If an animal disturbs, it will be turned out the campground.
In order to validate your reservation, a credit card number will be required (no fees will be charged).
If your stay must be cancelled, you have up to four days before the date of arrival to cancel without fees.
If this time is not respected or if you do not arrive at the date fixed, without opinion we will automatically charge a night on your credit card.
Moreover we reserve ourselves the right to relet the site without notice.
Curfew: The curfew is in force from 23h to 8h.
- the barrier will be closed
- no noise is tolerated
- children less than 16 years old must be at their site
- you can stay at the campfire fire while whispering, without   music, nor noise.
Drinking water: Using drinking water for ends other than domestic is prohibited.
Waste: It is strictly interdict to pour on the ground.
Electricity: Electricity heating is prohibited.
Fire and fireplace: The campfires are allowed in the hearths only, they will have to be sedentary and under monitoring in any time.
Fireworks: Chinese lanterns and fireworks are prohibited.
Bike: On bicycle, the speed of 10 km/h must be forwarded. Never rides after dusk.
Speed: Authorized maximum speed is 10 km/h.
Visitors: Visitors must have left before 22h30. Visitors must leave their animal at home. You will receive a brochure of all regulations on arrival.
  The administration can modify these policies or add others without preliminary advise.
  The non-observance of only one of these rules on the campground can involve immediate expulsion, moreover a such customer will not be entitled to any refunding.
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